Simple RSI strategy automated for Forex Market

Many Forex Traders, know the power of RSI ( Relative Strength Index ) which helps to measure the strength and direction of the markets. Default settings are 14 period RSI applied to close. RSI comes under the class of momentum indicator which usually indicates how far the current trend will be available in the financial […]

Double Stochastic Cross Over Expert Advisor

Literally Stochastic means aim or guess. Stochastic Oscillator is a technical lagging momentum indicator developed by George. C. Lane. Stochastic Oscillator just follows the speed or momentum of price. Before using any technical indicator or Expert Advisor, a trader must be aware of on what conditions it may work. It is most commonly used to […]

Simple Moving Average Cross Over | MT4 Expert Advisors (EAs)

Moving Average is a lagging indicator used mostly by stocks and Forex Traders. Moving Average (MA) is one of the best trend confirmation tool, works best in trending markets. Moving Average is calculated over a period of time applied either to close or high/low. When used on lower time frames like M5, M15 & M30, […]